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Michael D. Wilson
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Michael D. Wilson
Senior Executive Consultant

Mr. Wilson is a founding member of Integrity Partners and served as the Managing Director of the Company until 2017. He conducts a variety of internal corporate and financial fraud investigations and develops and evaluates corporate compliance and business ethics programs. Mr. Wilson also provides investigative advisory services including asset tracing, advice and investigative support in all matters of fraud and abuse. Mr. Wilson joined the private sector after a 26-year career with the Federal Bureau of Investigation. In the private sector, Mr. Wilson led the Houston office Forensic Practice at a Big Four accounting firm for over six years, and subsequently for an international internal audit and consulting company. During his tenure with the FBI, Mr. Wilson worked as an investigator, supervisor and senior manager at some of the highest levels within the Bureau. Mr. Wilson's exceptional investigative and administrative skills resulted in his appointment to high FBI executive positions within the Federal Senior Executive Service, including Special Agent in Charge of the San Antonio and Houston Divisions and Deputy Assistant Director, Organized Crime and Drug Sections of the Criminal Investigative Division at FBI headquarters in Washington D.C. Mr. Wilson has extensive experience in complex white collar crime investigations, including interstate and international theft and embezzlement, asset location/recovery, corruption, commercial bribery, and fraud and abuse involving health care, financial institutions and numerous types of business and service entities, both public and private, including public utilities, energy exploration, oil well services, and other petrochemical companies. Mr. Wilson also has extensive experience in complex organized crime issues including extortionate credit transactions, gaming, and racketeer influenced and corrupt organizations.

Selected Engagement Experience

Vetted proposed purchasers of $175 million in assets overseas for oil services company, identifying fraudulent nature or insufficient capital of five of the nine purchasers.? Client?s sale of the assets closed without incident.


Investigated and proved theft of tons of diesel fuel from chemical storage plant by plant manager.? Plant manager was indicted and plea deal for full restitution is pending.


Investigated outsourced IT administration company employee?s theft of seismic data related to well containing at least $54 million in reserves from oil and gas exploration company?s computer network.? Assisted client?s attorneys with civil litigation and presentation of case for prosecution.

Led the investigation of a Houston-based bank, in which over $40 million in loans referred to bank by convicted bank felon were identified, as well as such felon's silent interests in various business ventures funded by bank. Various issues were referred to the Office of Thrift Supervision for prosecution.

Engaged by the superintendent of one of the largest independent school districts in the United States to investigate numerous allegations of fraud and improprieties made against the School District. The investigation resulted in the compilation of over 307 allegations of fraud, waste and impropriety, and revealed multi-millions of dollars of potentially fraudulent payments to District vendors and employees. Several apparent violations were referred to appropriate law enforcement agencies.

Engaged by a Fortune 1000 Construction/Utility company to determine the veracity of several allegations made to its ethics hotline. Allegations primarily pertained to possible use of assets and/or funds of a related entity for the personal use of company executives and family members.

Led complex international investigation in South America involving a major airline food service operator and its dealings with several major airlines. Issues involved pricing discrepancies exceeding the value of $10 million and alleged collusion among executives.

Investigated liability insurer's agent for issuing policies in violation of agent agreement and underwriting criteria. Identified violations were used in settlement negotiations.

Investigated check diversion scheme committed by accounts payable clerk. Drafted report for referral to prosecutor.

On behalf of major national bank, managed an engagement involving the tracing of $25 million in funds stolen through warehouse borrower's creation of fictitious subprime mortgages. Identified funds and assets used for money laundering, leading to recoveries for client.

On behalf of a Houston-based hospitality company, investigated various executives suspected of engaging in fraudulent activity. Identified significant losses in inventory cost and uncovered systematic vendor scheme involving kick-backs and insurance fraud issues.

Managed a large project involving significant breaches in internal controls in various departments of Native American casino, and the client's Tribal Gaming Agency.

Identified and quantified misappropriation from a multinational real estate management client, resulting in indictment of one of the entity's property managers and full restitution.

Conducted diagnostic reviews of internal operations within Indian casinos throughout the United States that serve to minimize risk and /or promote compliance with the Indian Gaming Regulatory Act of 1988.

Successful management of numerous crisis situations including national complex white- collar crime, organized crime/drug, and terrorist investigations.

Top law enforcement officer in two major FBI offices who oversaw and coordinated the policies, investigative priorities, resource allocation, strategic planning, external liaison and training.

Extensive experience in providing testimony before all levels of courts, including testimony before Congress.

Management of six multi-agency task forces to investigate the FBI's most significant programs.

Education and Affiliations

Bachelor of Arts, Psychology, California State University, Hayward, California; Graduate course study, Criminal Justice, University of Virginia, 1975; Graduate course study, Business Ethics, Bentley College, 1997.

FBI Training Academy, Quantico, Virginia: Management Assessment Program, Senior Executive Program, Terrorism-Nuclear Terrorism - Mid-East, Crisis management, White-Collar - Public Corruption Crime, Organized Crime-Gaming and numerous other specialized courses in management and investigations.

Affiliated with the International Association of Chiefs of Police; Society of Former Special Agents of the FBI, Inc.; member of the American Society for Industrial Security; member of the Greater Houston Business Ethics Roundtable; member of the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners -Austin, TX; former member, Board of Directors of Federal Executive Board; former member, Board of Directors, University of Houston Criminal Justice Center; Board of Directors, Crime Stoppers, Houston, TX; and former member, Drug Policy Subcommittee, Governor's Drug Abuse Task Force, State of Texas.