the law enforcement experience of integrity partners professionals enables us to provide a range of physical security consulting services to assist business clients in mitigating risks and loss, reacting to crisis situations, and assisting in recovery. since the terrorist attacks on america on september 11, 2001, such services have been identified as a key business need.

security risk diagnostic

our team can provide a comprehensive security risk diagnostic that serves as the first step towards assisting clients in developing a comprehensive security risk prevention program. each security risk diagnostic will analyze a client's existing physical security based on a company's unique assets and business practices, and the potential threats to the business. we will then benchmark a client's existing physical security systems and procedures against best practices. further, our team will provide a client with suggestions for improvement which can be tailored to the client's unique business needs and business culture. the goal of the security risk diagnostic will be to provide maximum protection of a client's employees, assets, and operations, given the client's business needs. this will include strategic and tactical recommendations that can be provided in a comprehensive, written report.

crisis management services

integrity partners will assist clients in planning responses to situations that put their employees, assets, and/or operations at risk. our team of professionals has assisted clients in planning the resolution of crisis situations while minimizing risk of loss and liability. we can produce detailed contingency plans with defined procedures to help prevent and respond to incidents, including terrorism, kidnapping, workplace violence, sabotage, and extortion. crisis management services may include assistance in identifying potential or perceived threats, benchmarking existing situation response measures, contingency planning, developing and training a crisis response team, and/or simulation exercises.