hackers, internal and external saboteurs, and criminal groups are all becoming more sophisticated in the manner that they compromise and utilize computers and servers of business and public sector entities.

whether dealing with unauthorized access to data by a company insider or vendor, or the penetration of network defenses by an individual or organized ring of hackers, integrity partners' computer forensic and network security specialists have the experience and technical capabilities to address such issues.

integrity partners' network security services include:

• firewall security
• intrusion detection
• internal and external penetration testing
• security policy development, and compliance assessments
• hipaa compliance and training

expert testimony

with extensive federal law enforcement and technical knowledge, integrity partners' computer forensic specialists have experience in civil and criminal legal matters and a proven track record in trial preparation for testimony in local, state and federal proceedings. our professionals are well-versed in daubert-tested forensic utilities, and have investigated hundreds of cases involving computer related crimes and litigation matters.