fraud is increasingly prominent in the public eye over recent years. high profile cases reported in the media have highlighted the message that when fraud occurs, it can pose significant threats to the stability of a business and shake investor confidences. organizations must respond quickly and properly to avoid significant loss.

when problems arise, organizations turn to integrity partners, an experienced group of professionals with varied and specialized backgrounds and skill sets. our team is comprised of investigators with backgrounds in senior levels of law enforcement, financial analysts, forensic accountants, licensed attorneys and computer forensic specialists. we work closely and confidentially with our clients to investigate suspected fraudulent activities, verify financial and other data processing systems, and establish the propriety of claims. our team conducts fact-finding interviews, substantiates facts, and provides guidance in instances of verified fraud, waste, abuse or business ethics violations.

integrity partners conducts fraud investigations in concert with an organization's legal counsel in order to protect privileged information, ensure confidentiality and to preserve evidence. our experience in working with prosecuting authorities can provide assistance in pursuing proper avenues for prosecution. integrity partners professionals have testified in courts and have presented their findings to governmental authorities, as well as to company management and audit committees.

our multidisciplinary teams have conducted investigations into a wide variety of concerns brought by clients. some of these include:

• embezzlement
• business fraud
• manipulation of financial statements
• inventory theft
• commercial and public bribery
• improper banking practices

• money laundering schemes
• violations of foreign corrupt practices act
• conflicts of interest
• government loans and reimbursement fraud
• insurance fraud
• violations of gaming statutes
• title 18 violations and bankruptcy recoveries